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RockStar Golf (RSG) is owned and operated by John Hunter and his team.  The company has offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and Ontario, Canada. 

John is an entrepreneur with 20 years of Scottish hospitality experience including accommodations and an event company.  He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland where he still operates in the Hospitality sector.  

 John is a life long golfer who says that planning, organising and executing golf trips for individuals or groups is truly a labour of love.  Before launching RockStar John has arranged numerous golf trips throughout Scotland from customers from North America and Europe.  He also arranges Golf Trips and competitons for recreational golfers and friends. 


RockStar Golf Tours was set up with the aim to make it easier for all golfers to be able to design a fantastic custom golf trip to Scotland that met their particular budget. Our Golf Trip Builder Software© allows customers to easily create a totally custom golf experience and provides an immediate idea of the price.  RockStar wont ask you for any minimums on night stay or trip costs.  We will simply use our expertise and wonderful service providers to put together an amazing golf trip at the right price. 

The earlier you book your trip of a lifetime the better.  Especially If you want to play the Old Course and Muirfield which get booked up very quickly.  That said, no matter how soon you want to come to Scotland,  half the times for St Andrews are balloted 48 hours in advance so there’s ALWAYS the possibility to get a tee time.

So whilst we may not be able to guarantee every Old Course Tee time what we can always do is use our experience to deliver an incredible golf trip at the right price and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Our number one aim is to help golfers create a unique custom golf experience in Scotland and memories that will last a lifetime.

We will do this by collaborating with our customers to define their exact trip requirements to help identify their perfect Itinerary.  We will then use our trusted providers and Scottish hospitality experience to ensure that your Golf trip is well planned and exceeds your expectations. We will take care of every detail is executed to ensure there will be no surprises.

If you have used our Custom Golf Trip Builder© to select the golf courses and accommodations you desire.  We will first look at your proposal and use our knowledge to recommend the very best daily Itinerary available for your dates.

 HOGT  have an experienced and passionate team who will discuss your trip requirements with you in detail.  We will advise on any options and possibilities you might wish to consider before putting together your final Itinerary. 

 Whether your trip is for a couple, a bunch of friends or a large group of golfers we will recommend suitable accommodation, golf courses and transport options. We also have an event company that we can use to arrange restaurants and tours and activities if required.

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Whether you want a Hire Car to travel in your own time a Chauffeur or Mercedes Van with Bucket seats and beer fridge.  We work with some of Scotland’s best transport providers.

Travel Plan

We will collaborate with you to build the trip that you want.  During that process we will advise you of all the possibilities by way of Hidden Gem courses, accommodations and Whisky Tours and Activities you might want to consider.

Bed & Food

Scotland has a wonderful array of accommodation options.  There are numerous possibilities with 30 minutes of the courses you will be playing. Whether you want to be looking out over a course or travelling from a Castle, Lodge or nearby city Centre hotel.  We can arrange it all.

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